Returns and Refunds Policy.

If you do wish to cancel, please contact us via email. Fees once paid will not be refunded after completion of the 15-day free look period from the date of login credentials issued. Fee transfer to another person is not entertained under any circumstances. From the 15th day of enrolment to 3 weeks, change of course, can be accommodated and beyond 3 weeks, the amount paid will not be adjusted or refunded.

Refund Request Domestic Refund %
International Refund %
Within 48 hours or 2 days of
Beyond 48 hours but within 15 days
of activation
Beyond 15 days of activation

If you do wish to cancel, The student has to submit the documents within 21 days of activation or before downloading the certificate.

Post submitting the documents, if we identify that the student is ineligible for the course, then the course will be deactivated. The fees paid will not be refunded.

The refund is not applicable in scenarios where the student is not able to submit the documents on or before downloading the certificates.

The refund would not be possible if the details mentioned in the application form and the documents do not match.

Refund policy would not be applicable if the course is accredited by any of partner universities/Institutions.

The refund of the duplicate payment made by the customer will be processed via the same source (original method of payment) within 5 to 7 working days after intimation by the customer.

Note: All refunds will be processed within 30 days of receipt of the refund request.

We recommend contacting us for assistance if you experience any issues receiving or downloading our products.
Contact us for any issues: If you have any questions about our Returns and Refunds Policy, please contact us:

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